Fine Italian handmade electric basses




Welcome to Nardelli Electric Bass website.

I am neither interested in or positioned to compete with instruments from industrial manufacturers. Instead, my focus is on producing instruments of the highest quality, even down to the smallest of details. I have an innate passion for music and wood; the craftsmanship and enthusiasm I have for my work ensure that the results are appreciated by the most demanding of clients, both nationally and internationally.Interaction with clients - the majority have become friends - especially through the exchange of ideas - are for me very important. This has enabled me to realise a product, which has been said to be as "close as is possible to a musician's dream".This site is also yours.

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The History

This adventure started several years ago. Some said it was a 'pipe dream', others that it was unattainable. After all these years, the quality and the consistency are reward itself.
My family has worked with wood for several generations, and for those who are perhaps not aware, Italy is a country rich in tradition especially in the craft of stringed instruments. On a personal note, I smile when I think of my grandmother - my first testimonial - who after much 'encouragement' agreed to have her photo taken.

Today satisfied customers are my best advertisement.