Fine Italian handmade electric basses



Dino D'Autorio

Dino started to study the bass-guitar when2he was very young at theCivic School of Music in Milan and subsequently he took a course of harmony and composition with M. Filippo Dacco' at the C.P.M. of Milan.During his career he collaborated on producing LPs and tours with established artists such as L. Berte', R. Cocciante, F. Concato, F. De Andre', Mina, G. Morandi, P. Pravo, A. Steward, R. Zero, Zucchero. He also realised the arrangements of a few albums for A. Minghi, E. Ruggeri e R. Zero. Dino took part of the creation of some theatre shows and relatives albums such as “Grease”(1997).

He participated in quality of bass musician in television programs for RAI and Mediaset like “Buona Domenica” (1995), “Viva Napoli” (1996-7-8-9) e “30 ore per la vita” (1997-8-9). Dino has been voted the absolute best bass player from the “Guitar Club”readers for seven consecutive years (1985-1992). He teaches electric bass-guitar at the C.P.M since 1996.

Studies history: Civic School in Milan; Civic School of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan); private lessons with Maestro Monfredini (Conservatory and RAI-Milan); course of harmony and composition with Maestro Filippo Dacco' at the CPM in Milan.

Artistic Collaborations Dino has been involved, as a musician, in the realisations of LP's and has been touring with different well known artists like L. Berte', R. Cocciante, F. Concato, T. De Piscopo, F. De Andre', D. Fo, M. Francis, G. Gaber, G. Gaynor, E. Innacci, Mina, A. Minghi, G. Morandi, G. Nannini, P. Pravo, E. Ruggeri, A. Steward, Siria, R. Vecchioni, R. Zero e Zucchero.He also worked on albums for theatre shows such as “Sogno di una notte di mezza estate”(G. Salvatores) ,“Grease”(1997) and with Tony Cucchiara on “Caino e Abele”.

Accomplishments and arrangements Dino contributed on the followings albums: Renato Zero's - “Zero” (1987), Amedeo Minghi's - “Serenata”(1988), Enrico Ruggeri's - “La parola ai testimoni”(1988) and “Contatti”(1989).

In his career, Dino carried out the making of few advertising's Jingles as well. He collaborated with a monthly magazine called “Guitar Club” andwas elected the best bass musician from the readers in the referendum provided from the magazine itself during a period of seven years (1985-1992).

Television appearances Dino appeared in some television programs either for Mediaset and RAI: “Buona Domenica”with G. Vessicchio (1995), “Viva Napoli” (1996-7-8-9), Bravo Bravissimo” (1997) e “30 ore per la vita” (1997-8-9).

Seminaries Dino organised an educational seminary at the Professional Centre of Music in Milan (1987-88) and at the Sermig of Torino (1994-95).

Teachings Since he qualified as a university teacher he has been working at the Istitute of Communication in Milan and at the C.P.M. until today.