Fine Italian handmade electric basses



Joe Parker

Project Winterhaven formed in 1999 as a quirky funk rock three piece initially for an international guitar festival held in Brisbane, Australia. Since then the banc, Julz Parker on guitar and vocals, Joe Parker on bass and Chubby Winterhaven on drums have been constantly writing recording and touring there music through Australia, Europe and U.K. The relocation to London in 2002 has seen Joe both on the road and in the studio all through the U.K., Europe, Los Angeles and Barbados both with project Winterhaven and on separate sessions playing pop, funk, rock, reggae, soul and folk with many different artists…Joe was very musical from a young age and between the ages of about 8 and 12 showed great promise as a guitar player. Unfortunately for Joe's guitar playing, during high school he caught the 'bass bug'. After Playing with Bu-Twang as well as Jamming with different Musicians in the area Joe, and his uncanny ability to create cool riffs, became a very integral part of Winterhaven and the band's sound. Joe's musical maturity has been described as 'frightening in someone so young'. He just has an amazing ability to just play the perfect line for the song and make it sound great everytime.

His opinion about us:

I was lucky enough to have met up with an Italian bass company and used two of the there basses for the clinic. Amazing hand made basses made in Sopramonte, Trento (Italy). The one that really took my fancy was a 6 string frettless which had one of the most amazing unique tones I've ever heard, and played beautifully.
(Julz) Anyone who was in Soave this year would have heard Joe play one of the best sounding fretless basses ever. Well as of tomorrow he's gonna have one in his hot little hands just in time for the trip to Aus