Fine Italian handmade electric basses



Stefano Colpi

A graduate of the FABonporti Music School of Trento, with the highest grade in the conterbass, Stefano Colpi currently performs in both classical and jazz concerts. He has had the opportunity to play in numerous festivals, jazz clubs and European theatres such as: The 'Quensena Musical' (San Sebastian), 'Maggio Musicale Fiorentino', The 'Beethoven Haus' (Köln), 'S. Cecilia', The University "La Sapienza" (Rome), the festivals of Brno, Bratislava, Kempten, Lubeck, Berlin, Kiel, 'Capolinea', 'Scimmie', 'Alpheus', etc. Amongst others, Stefano Colpi has played with: K. Wheeler, J.Rodriguez, S. Battaglia, F. D'Andrea, S. Ellington, G. Basso, S. Bonafede, A. Braido, F. Brambock, J. Cartwright, I. DePaula, T. Tracanna, R. Zifarelli etc. He has also made recordings for record companies such: Splash, CDPM records, Asdisc, Labour of Love, Velut Luna, Erga, Marrero and for the magazine 'Amadeus'.

Stefano is currently playing with the Stefano Battaglia Trio and With the same trio "Atrio" he just recorded for the label "LoL" an original music CD called "Where do we go from here ?". ( ).

His opinion about us:

"... difficult to find a better instrument. The craftsmanship involved suggest a timeless knowledge of wood. Perfectly designed and built, the instrument is deep in the bass and rare lyrics in the sharp register..The fingers glide so easily between strings and experience you wish would never end..."