Fine Italian handmade electric basses



Steve Bone

Outrageous bass player with an unshakable faith for heavy metal music. His breakthrough came when he was just a teenager, after hard work in many hidden pubs of Cuneo. In 1996 he started to play with a classic metal band called Anthenora. With them he went all over Italy. In 2002 they joined Nicko McBrain, the mytic drums player of the Iron Maiden and they worked with him on his touring. In 2004 Steve became a member of the historic Italian metal band the White Skull. After touring around Italy and Europe in hundreds of concerts, Steve build up a reputation of a very appreciated songwriter. In 2001 he participated at the “Broken Arrow” a Nick Savio and Camillo Colleluori's project. With them he recorded “Abyss of Darkness” (Scarlet records). In the same year he worked with Powersymphony for their LP “Futurepast” ( Evillot records). In 2004, after a long wait, Anthenora realised their first full-length album “The last Command” (Locomotive music); in 2006 followed the second album “Soulgrinder” (My Graveyard prod) and the first album with the White Skull “The Ring of the Ancients”.

How Steve Balocco defined us:

“…. I was looking for a bass-guitar that could roar, something dodgy, I wanted to see the speakers bleed and hear the stage rumble…. I wanted a huge sound to make Metal, the real Metal, but a true sound that can make me feel alive…..Marcello Nardelli gave it to me… Thank you Brother….”